The Centre for human Rights and Peace Advocacy (CHRAPA) Cameroon Wins award to contribute to strengthened people’s ability to demand and defend their rights, access justice and fulfill their duties as a human rights principle.

The award that was received on the 30th of October 2018, from the United States Embassy in Cameroon, comes at a time when human rights violations are at its peak in the Northwest and Southwest Regions of Cameroon and it is hoped that by raising awareness on what constitute rights, and by documenting and reporting violations in these regions will contribute to help the state as well as the armed civilians to refrain from committing atrocities on innocent citizens.

The objectives of the project is to reinforce in the North West and Southwest Regions of Cameroon the promotion and protection of human rights and the rule of law through access to justice paralegal programs intended especially for marginalized groups in the next one year. It is also expected that 50 traditional council members in the Northwest and Southwest regions will be trained on human rights issues including the rights of children and women, disable and indigenous groups and on techniques of conflict resolution and mediation. The project also intends to set up 4 paralegal centres to provide counseling services and legal assistance to victims of human rights in two chiefdoms in the northwest and Southwest. The first phase of the training of target groups  will begin soon.

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