Speak out against Child Abuse-Don’t be Indifferent: Be Your Brother’s Keeper

Becoming our brother’s keeper has been one of the fundamental aspects which characterize the African culture. This aspect has always symbolized love, solidarity amongst neighbors living as one in the same house, quarters as well as neighbor hoods. This in effect have always helped individual to be a solution to other people’s problems.

Victim;s brutalized laps

Today things are different. Our experience at CHRAPA points to the fact that every single second a child is abused. Forms of abuse reach from torture-physical or mental abuse, rape, amongst others. Perpetrators are usually people closely related to the child. Sometimes it is the parent, teacher, guardian, elderly sibling, uncle, aunt or other acquaintances. The consequences of these abuse range from excruciating pains, physical and psychological trauma which usually have long lasting effects on the child. Our greatest worry at CHRAPA is that abuse happens under our watchful eyes. Sometimes, mostly in our homes, in our neighbors’ on the street and in schools. The tendency for us is to ignore a scene of abuse and move on.

Victims face, with identity protected for she is still a juvenile

As civilized people, we can’t remain indifferent. Even though we think we are powerless when we confront abuse, the least we can do is to speak out. You can report to us at the Center for Human Rights and Peace Advocacy (CHRAPA) other sister human rights organizations or to the forces of law and order.
Protecting our informant is a top priority for us at CHRAPA. We also wish to thank all our informants who have helps in the past to rescue abused children and to reintegrate some of these children into their families.

So sad victim’s back seriously brutalized

A change can come if we stop being indifferent. Speak Out… “Be Your Neighbors’ Keeper by reporting human or child abuse”.

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