• Ann Charlotte Sallmann, of the Economic, Commerce and Governance Department of the European Union, funders of the Juvenile Justice Reform program in Cameroon.


CHRAPA is very well structured with a good organization governance structure in place with established administrative and financial procedures, policies and manuals in place. We have principally the strategic level of management which is made up of the Board of Governors and the various oversight committees, that is the finance and audit committee, the program management committee, and Human resource manage committee, the research and development committee and the fund raising /marketing committee. The Board of Governors and various committee members are elected from the various registered members of the organizations, during a general assembly that takes place just once a year.

Then at the lower level we have the staff management, which is headed by the coordinator of the organization with the few permanent and volunteer workers. (SEE ORGANIZATION CHART IN FOR DETAILS)

The Centre for Human Rights and Peace Advocacy CHRAPA, has a General Assembly, a Board of Directors, an Executive Board and various departments to achieve its goal as can be seen below.

General Assembly

It is made up of dully-registered members including staff. They elect the board of directors.

Board of Director

The Board of Directors approves policy and supervises the management called the executive body. The Board examines and approves the annual program, adopts the budget and approves the accounts. It also approves the management plan of the Center. The Board also authorizes all investments, property transactions and the conclusion of any agreement. It is the responsibility of the Board to draw up and stipulate staff regulations. The Board meets once a year in ordinary session. It may meet in extraordinary session when convened by the Chairman or at the request of the majority of its members. Any person whose presence is deemed desirable in view of the agenda may, at the invitation of the Chairman, attend meetings of the Board in an advisory capacity.

Central Management
Management is entrusted to the Executive Director, who implements the decisions of the Board and policy as well as report to the Board. He is responsible for making decisions for the smooth running of the Center, supervision of the staff, developing the annual program, drafting and developing projects, the budget and producing financial and activity reports. He is supported by a team of staff .

CHRAPA is divided into Departments viz Monitoring, Governance, Gender and Development, Communication, a Counseling Department and a paralegal service. A department in charge of the center’s sustainability is being developed. It also has a strong control mechanism and is accountable.