CHRAPA Intervenes as Housewife Detained For Child Trafficking

By Peterkins Manyong

A housewife who claims she is resident in Mbantum, West Region, was June 18, detained by the Bamenda Judicial Police for child trafficking. Delphine Bihnkain,29, was prevented from traveling with a human cargo of eight children, aged between seven and 15 years.

Suspicion was aroused when the woman went to pay the transport fare at the Amour Mezam Transport Agency, but could not identify most of the children whom she said belonged to her and her sister. The attention of the public was drawn to the matter by a concerned passenger who made his suspicion known to David Nkuo, a Bamenda-based lawyer.

The lawyer immediately phoned Joseph Chongsi Ayeah, Director of the Centre for Human Rights and Peace Advocacy, who alerted the press and the rest of the public was attracted to the scene. Questioned, the woman who said she hailed from Mbessa in Belo Subdivision, claimed that she was taking the children along to work in the farms at MBantum and act as house helps.

She said three of the children belonged to her, but when her presumed husband was contacted by phone, he said he, indeed, had begotten three children by her, but that one of them was at Mbantum with him; meaning that she was probably with only two. The eldest of the children (15 years) tried to defend her, but raised suspicion by giving, first, one name and, then, another as his own. The children had on thread-bare dresses, wore mostly slippers and were looking hungry. Some wept when asked about their parents.

The woman further raised suspicion when she said she had no identity card. Chongsi, therefore, concluded that there were clear ingredients of child trafficking and invited the Judicial Police to handle the matter. After interrogating her, Police Commissioner, John Mejabe Enongene, ordered that she be detained and the children handed to elders of the Mbessa Community in Bamenda who were also contacted by phone. That was after the CHRAPA Director had ensured that they were given food.

All those implicated in the matter are expected at the Judicial Police station on Wednesday June 22 at 10 am, to make the necessary clarifications. The police also got from the suspect trafficker, phone numbers of persons resident in Mbessa who could corroborate or disprove her story.

Source: The Cameroon Post(

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