CHRAPA Bamenda Again Intervenes on Child Abuse

Another Nigerian Woman arrested by the Police in Bamenda for assaulting an 11 Year old House-help.

As the days open out, the city of Bamenda exclusively is becoming a dominant zone enclosed with several forms of child abuse as over the past weeks the Center for Human Rights and Peace Advocacy (CHRAPA) like always has engaged on a war against Child trafficking and child abuse. A lot of cases connected to child abuse in the town of Bamenda have been registered.

Barely one week after the famous incident of the girl that was tortured with a hot was knife, another Nigerian woman arrested on December 8th 2015 by the police in collaboration with CHRAPA for allegedly assaulting a child of 11 years old inflicting grievous harm on his head and other parts of the body. Both the woman and the child victim whose names are withheld for security reasons are originally from Anambra State-Nigeria. The child was recruited by this woman to come to Cameroon and serve as a house-help while also helping in the motorcycle spare parts shop as a sales boy. Her arrest came when CHRAPA informant agents tipped the office of the child’s ordeal. Serious investigations were conducted later handing the case to the police.
The said child who is a primary 5 pupil has been living with his mistress and the husband for over two years. Close sources and the victim declare that the mistress has been maltreating and beating him severely for the least mistakes he commits. He added that the wounds on his head were caused by the heel of the shoe the woman used on him. 

While at the police station she regretfully disclosed that she has been taking care of the young house help just as her own biological son and the wounds she had often inflicted on him in the process of punishment were accidental.
However, close sources reveal that this woman is remarked as a concurrent perpetrator of child maltreatment. A similar case was observed last year when the same woman almost cut the fingers of a young eight years old Nigerian girl who was living with her. The girl was later repatriated to Nigeria.

Nonetheless, it should be well-known that such a case is measured to be indicative in the midst of many, as numerous children in our society are undergoing several forms of abuse and violation of human rights on wide-ranging milieus from parents, brothers, teachers, but just to mention these few.
CHRAPA is therefore engaging to carry out sensitization and raise awareness in various groups within the Bamenda metropolis including the Nigerian Community in Bamenda. The population is therefore called upon to join in this fight and ensure that cases observed in the quarters are reported to the police or CHRAPA office for intervention.

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