• Ann Charlotte Sallmann, of the Economic, Commerce and Governance Department of the European Union, funders of the Juvenile Justice Reform program in Cameroon.

The CENTRE FOR HUMAN RIGHTS AND PEACE ADVOCACY (CHRAPA) is an independent, non-governmental, non-partisan, non-sectarian human rights organization established in May 2001.It is a national organization with international dimension. Its current membership is 200. The centre has been monitoring, documenting and following up human rights violations in Cameroon since creation. It has a Special Consultative Status with ECOSOC of the UN and has designated permanent representatives to the UN Head Quarters in New York and the UN Office in Geneva. CHRAPA has been actively participating in different UN Conferences at different levels. It makes written statements and make oral presentations in UN conferences and meetings and also submit Quadrennial Reports of its activities at the United Nations.

At the national level, CHRAPA entertains good collaboration with the Cameroon National Commission on Human Rights and Freedoms. It also plays a leading role in the Union of Northwest Human Rights Organizations, UNHURO, a network of more than 25 accredited NGOs. The organization may affiliate/collaborate with other national and international institutions with similar goals and objectives.